The recent Steering Group Meeting and Peer Review organized by the BAMIN secretariat, under the stewardship of Fondazione SAFE,marked a pivotal moment for the Balkan Asset Management and Interagency Network (BAMIN)

Held in Skopje, North Macedonia, the Steering Group Meeting brought together representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Ukraine, Moldova, and host country North Macedonia. Discussions centered on strategic developments within the network and plans for future activities, including the transition of the BAMIN presidency from Moldova to North Macedonia in April 2024. Of particular importance was the deliberation over the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), scheduled to be hosted in North Macedonia in September 2024, highlighting Fondazione SAFE’s role in ensuring a seamless and productive exchange among BAMIN jurisdiction.


Alongside the Steering Group Meeting, a peer-review initiative was undertaken by BAMIN members to evaluate the effectiveness of the North Macedonian Asset Management Office (AMO). This comprehensive assessment involved reviewing current practices and conducting interviews with representatives from various Macedonian agencies. The Peer Review activity, underscores BAMIN’s commitment to supporting AMOs and enhancing their effectiveness. Notably, North Macedonia volunteered to be the first jurisdiction to undergo this review process delivered by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

Fondazione SAFE proudly oversees the BAMIN Secretariat driving forward the network’s primary goal: to enhance cooperation and efficiency in managing seized and confiscated assets both within the Balkans and internationally. Through Fondazione SAFE’s dedicated management, strategic planning, and innovative initiatives, BAMIN is poised to advance transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in asset management, significantly contributing to regional stability and growth.