Calvarina Training & Testing Facility

Since February 2021, SAFE Foundation has been entrusted with the management of the former NATO military base located on Mount Calvarina (Roncà, Verona) – the Calvarina Base. The aim of the revitalisation process of this public asset, abandoned for decades, is the creation of a new centre of excellence for training and testing activities, such as:

  • Training for law enforcement agencies, civil protection specialists, fire brigades, defence institutions,
  • Training of civilian personnel (NGOs, private companies, journalists, medical personnel) working in conflict and post-conflict countries or in areas characterised by great instability,
  • Testing of innovative technologies developed at European level for the security sector.

The Calvarina Base is becoming a unique facility in Italy, thanks to its special characteristics that make it the ideal place for immersive and large-scale simulations, and to the public-private approach that characterises its development and operational exploitation.

The Present

A unique 10,000 m2 facility for Training, Technology Testing and HEAT courses.

The Future

Discover the “Laboratory of the Future”: a new innovation and recovery project to create a technical and scientific hub.