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Founded in 2018, Fondazione SAFE is a non-profit foundation dedicated to enhancing security, defense, and civil protection across Europe and beyond. With a strong track record of over 50 successful projects, SAFE integrates European values with practical action to create a secure and stable society.
As a non-profit organization, SAFE operates impartially, focusing solely on the public interest. This allows us to collaborate effectively with public institutions and private companies, ensuring tailored solutions that meet community needs and enhance societal welfare.
Innovation is at the heart of SAFE’s mission.

We are a hub for cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that address modern security and defense challenges. Our team’s expertise and hands-on management ensure high standards and impactful results without outsourcing, adding a personal touch to our leadership.
SAFE is committed to excellence in project management, leveraging internal competencies for superior project design, coordination, and technical implementation. Our focus on civil protection, security innovation, and threat prevention strengthens Europe’s defense against global risks.
Fondazione SAFE champions European values and international security, leading and innovating in projects that enhance peace and stability. By promoting European synergies and fostering public-private partnerships, SAFE advances shared objectives and enhances collective capabilities in security and defense.


Design, management and implementation of national and international projects in the security, defence and fundamental rights protection sectors.


SAFE has redeveloped a former NATO base, transforming it in a training and testing of new technologies center.

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