Implementing projects that increase emergency readiness through new technologies.



    European mobile Detection, Sampling, Identification and Monitoring (DSIM) capabilities for CBRN incidents and large public events

    26.701.047,74 Euros
    10/2023 – 09/2026

    The rescEU-CBRN-DSIM-IT project is set to strengthen the EU’s capacity to address CBRN threats in the context of large events. This initiative, part of the broader rescEU programme aimed at enhancing disaster preparedness across the EU, within the framework of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, aims to provide a fleet of 11 specialized vehicles, including state-of-the-art DSM vehicles for rapid response, mobile laboratories for on-site analysis, and support vehicles equipped for logistics and operations. The modular capacity developed by the project is expected to be deployed in the context of large-scale events in prevention of and response to CBRN incidents and accidents. Additionally, it incorporates Extended Reality (XR) technology for operator training, ensuring a skilled response team ready for deployment to safeguard public health and safety.


    European Union Libya Expertise, Advisory and Deployment

    5.525.062,50 Euros
    06/2022 – 06/2024

    EULEAD 3 continues the mission of its previous phases, aiming to aid Libya’s institutional development towards becoming a stable, operational country. Following on the success of Phases I and II, Phase III focuses on deploying expertise in stabilization and human security, ensuring Libyan institutions function in a conflict-sensitive and human rights-compliant manner. The project aligns with efforts by the European Union, international partners, and Libyan stakeholders, enhancing stability and laying the foundation for long-term reforms.