The Present

The Building

The former NATO base called “Control Area” at Monte Calvarina has a unique location and structure. It is located in Roncà, in the province of Verona (Italy), on top of Mount Calvarina. The area consists of 10,000 square metres of available space, 4 buildings and 2 tunnels including a landing platform for helicopters. At an altitude of approximately 700 metres, it is an isolated area, one hour’s drive from Verona.

10.000 mq AREA
Semi-controlled environment
VR / XR Building

Our activities


  • Italian Armed Forces trainers

  • Theoretical and practical lessons

  • 5 days full immersion


  • Digitalized building

  • Multiplayer demo

  • Customizable scenarios


  • Testing of technologies

  • Activities in the context of EU projects

  • Accessible to public and private actors


  • Ideal environment for training activities

  • In-class lessons

  • Real-life exercises