Fondazione SAFE is a strategic partner in the rescEU-CBRN-DSIM-IT project, which is 100% funded by the European Union and was unveiled on February 13th at the Veneto Region‘s headquarters in Venice. This initiative, coordinated by ENEA and backed by the Italian Civil Protection Department, focuses on enhancing Europe’s defense against CBRN threats with a notable budget of nearly €27 million.

Fondazione SAFE plays a crucial role in developing the project’s educational content, leveraging virtual and augmented reality to elevate training standards for public safety officials. A key aspect of our involvement is the refurbishment of the Calvarina site, which is being transformed into a cutting-edge training center for civil protection activities. This development not only underscores our commitment to fostering innovation in public safety training but also significantly contributes to the project’s goal of enhancing CBRN event preparedness, especially for high-profile events such as the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

Fondazione SAFE then coordinated the second presentation day of the rescEU-CBRN-DSIM-IT project.

The event was held On Feb. 14 at the “Calvarina” Testing and Training Area, highlighting SAFE’s role in promoting innovative training methods.

The day included site visits and technical presentations of deployed assets and VR deployment, promoting dialogue and knowledge exchange among participants, who included representatives of the National Fire Department, Civil Defense, CNR, representatives of the Italian Air Force’s 3rd Wing and specialized military departments, as well as project partners.

This day underscored the SAFE Foundation’s commitment to innovation in security and civil protection, offering new training opportunities and contributing to the development of advanced operational capabilities.