Contributing to projects that strengthen the fight against organised crime and theeffectiveness of police forces.


  • EU Technical Assistance on CBRN Risks Mitigation in Lebanon

    2.270.050 Euros (service contract)
    1.193.907 Euros (supply contract)
    08/2018 – 08/2021

    The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity and resilience of Lebanese security institutions through: capacity building for response to CBRNe events through specialized individual and interagency training and development of an institutional network to promote the creation and adoption of standard operational procedures and mechanisms for information exchange.


    POrtS unitED Against corruption

    760.740 Euros
    03/2023 – 03/2025
    Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Spain

    Project POSEIDON aims at strengthening European-level initiatives against corruption in the maritime sector, with a specific focus on corruption in the largest ports. The objective is to gather governmental and private stakeholders, law enforcement, research institutions and networks, with the aim to fill the existing gaps on port corruption research, develop a targeted port integrity and risk assessment tool, and promote inter-port dialogue. A key outcome of the project will be the establishment of an informal network of key public and private actors in the field of anti-corruption in ports, for communication and exchange of information, experiences and good practices.


    Data sharing and Investigative Platform against Organised Thefts of Medicines

    1.579.251 Euros
    Italy, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro

    The MEDI-THEFT project aims at boosting the operational activities of LEAs and other public and private stakeholders in counteracting the theft and reselling of medicines and investigating of suspicious activities through the design of an intelligence-based platform.


    OPerational FAcility supporting the fight against illicit trafficking in CULTural goods

    441.946 Euros
    Italy, Belgium, Romania

    OPFA-CULT project aims at fostering international police cooperation in the field of illicit trafficking in cultural goods, providing practitioners from EU LEAs with financial operational support to ongoing investigations and facilitating networking to set harmonized investigation methodologies.

  • Support to BAMIN

    (Balkans Asset Management Interagency Network)

    504.000 Euros
    03.2020 - 09.2022
    Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Belgium, Ireland, Slovenia, Ukraine, United Kingdom

    BAMIN is a network of Balkan national Asset Management Offices aiming to enhance the effectiveness of efforts in managing and eventually selling, returning or otherwise disposing of confiscated criminal benefits. Membership of the group aimed to improve cross border and interagency cooperation as well as information exchange, within and outside the region.


    Provision of training services for criminal justice practitioners withing the framework of EuroMed Justice V

    808.898 Euros
    EU Member States, South Partner Countries

    EuroMed Justice is a new capacity building program that aims to create an interregional tool for cooperation in the judicial sphere. The main objective is to strengthen strategic cooperation between national judicial authorities between Southern Partner States (SPCs), between SPCs and EU member states, and collaborations with the EU judicial sector.

  • Review of Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) programme results

    32.000 Euros
    12/2022 – 05/2023

    SAFE signed an agreement with the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, an independent think tank part of the United Nations system, to conduct an evaluation of the results achieved by the FAST project in 2021-2022. FAST (Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking) is an initiative that aims to mobilise the financial sector against all forms of modern slavery. As part of this project, SAFE is in charge of conducting a comprehensive review of the project in order to assess its progress and provide recommendations for the achievement of the results set out in the 2020-2023 Results Framework.


    European Union Libya Expertise, Advisory and Deployment

    5.525.062,50 Euros
    06/2022 – 06/2024

    EULEAD 3 continues the mission of its previous phases, aiming to aid Libya’s institutional development towards becoming a stable, operational country. Following on the success of Phases I and II, Phase III focuses on deploying expertise in stabilization and human security, ensuring Libyan institutions function in a conflict-sensitive and human rights-compliant manner. The project aligns with efforts by the European Union, international partners, and Libyan stakeholders, enhancing stability and laying the foundation for long-term reforms.

  • OPSON Operation

    Fighting crime related to the illegal supply chain of counterfeit and substandard food products

    58.736 Euros
    10/2023 – 12/2023
    Italy, Netherlands, Georgia, Scotland

    Protecting consumers’ right to health is a fundamental right principle and therefore crucial attention should be devoted to the fight against the criminal phenomena
    of counterfeiting and sophistication of food especially along illicit trafficking routes in EaP (Eastern Partnership) countries.
    The Operational Action, funded by EUROPOL’s Low-Value Grant, led by the Italian Carabinieri for Healthcare (N.A.S.), and executed within EUROPOL’s OPSON operation, aims to dismantle organised criminal groups engaged in food trafficking at an international level.
    The operational action aims at fostering collaboration between EU and EaP countries in the fight against food-related crimes.