Following the success of ARZ2021, Fondazione SAFE has once again convened in Beirut, launching the #ARZ2023 exercise, an initiative aimed at enhancing Lebanon’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) response capabilities.

This initiative has mobilized over 200 personnel from six key Lebanese agenciesInternal Security Forces (ISF), Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), Beirut Fire Department (BFF), Civil Defence (CD), Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission (LAEC), and the Lebanese Red Cross — complemented by the expertise of more than 50 international observers and evaluators (among others OPCW, INTERPOL, ISTC, EUROGENDFOR, GUARDIA CIVIL, BRI, Italian army).

The exercise underscores a commitment to enhancing Lebanon’s CBRN risk mitigation and response frameworks through comprehensive interagency cooperation.

By implementing seven varied scenarios, ARZ2023 is meticulously designed to test and refine the collaborative response mechanisms of Lebanese agencies under different conditions, ensuring a robust, integrated approach to CBRN threats.

#ARZ2023 represents a significant milestone in Lebanon’s journey towards superior CBRN preparedness, reinforcing the nation’s resilience and safeguarding against potential risks.

SAFE Foundation remains dedicated to fostering global safety and preparedness through such strategic initiatives.