Project VERTIgO began with a 2-days kick-off meeting at SAFE Foundation’s headquarters in Soave, Verona.
During the 13th and 14th of December SAFE hosted a meeting with the participation of Project VERTIgO’s Partners, including representatives from Links Foundation, Altheria, Mestel Safety srl, AIT, University of Tor Vergata, Italian Army Joint NBC School, Italian Air Force 3rd Wing, Italian General Secretarial for Defence as well as online attendance of EU representatives from DG DEFIS.

The project “Virtual Enhanced Reality for inTeroperable traIning of CBRN military and civilian Operators” (VERTIgO) supports an integrated approach to conflicts and disaster relief by virtualization and simulation of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) defence training. The project’s overall objective is the validation of a European Exercise Simulation Platform (EESP) for virtual reality (VR) applications to CBRN training, complemented by the prototyping of an ad-hoc hardware solution, which integrates a VR headset and CBRN mask for enhanced realism and user experience.

VERTIgO is funded by the European Union, having been selected among the awarded grants in the European defence industrial development programme (EDIDP) 2020, with a grant up to 2,598,416.20€ for its implementation.

We sincerely thank all the partners that attended the event and stimulated extremely interesting and engaging discussions: stay tuned to learn more about the progress and achievements of the project on our official channels.