Monitoring and Evaluation

A specific monitoring and evaluation structure tailored to the Rule of Law sector

A dedicated Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at SAFE supports donors in developing and implementing innovative monitoring and evaluation schemes, outlining the technical and social impact of their actions.

This Unit builds on solid expertise in implementing high quality services to evaluate and monitor the efficiency and impact of programmes and interventions, helping our partners to better understand how to improve efficiency across the whole management system, better focus on their activities and the use of limited resources, thus increasing the short and long term impact of their interventions, and increasing the chances of the long term sustainability of their interventions.

SAFE’s in-house evaluation team combines more than 25 years’ experience in evaluation, having evaluated more than 300 projects and programmes internationally in the areas of Security, Internal Affairs, fight against organised crime and rule of law, with a total combined budget of more than 1 billion Euros.


  • EXTERNAL REVIEW Of the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR)

    54.544 Euros
    08/2019 –01/2020

    The purpose of the service is to assess the effective implementation of OS 2017-20 and ascertain the continued relevance of ICAR’s operational approach and organizational structure in order to inform the development of the next four-year operational strategy and related donor funding commitments.

    SAFE provided ICAR with a range of services such as: preliminary desk review of relevant documentation, online perception survey, online external review survey, stakeholder interviews, three country visits (Malawi, Kenya, Peru), recommendation report.

  • Support to Monitoring and Evaluation of ICAR Operational Strategy 2021-2024

    39.750 Euros
    07/2020 – 12/2024

    The Basel Institute of Governance has requested ad hoc support from SAFE in preparation of the possible implementation of a framework agreement for consulting on monitoring and evaluation of ICAR’s activities as part of its operational strategy for 2021-2024.

    The purpose of the service is to support ICAR in developing an effective Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, including an updated Logical Framework and Indicator Passport for internal monitoring of OS 2021-24.

  • Independent Reporting Mechanism – Action Plan Review

    8.930 Euros
    04/2022 – 12/2023

    SAFE signed an agreement with the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Secretariat to carry out a series of assessments in collaboration with its Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM). Each action plan includes a number of different commitments on topics such as anti-corruption, open data, stakeholder regulation, civic participation and more. SAFE carried out together with IRM a review of the Italian 5th Action Plan for Open Government (Action Plan Review 2022-2023) and an assessment of the results achieved by the Norwegian 4th Action Plan (Results Report 2019-2022). The partnership between SAFE and IRM is continuously expanding and will continue in 2023.

  • Review of Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) programme results

    32.000 Euros
    12/2022 – 05/2023

    SAFE signed an agreement with the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, an independent think tank part of the United Nations system, to conduct an evaluation of the results achieved by the FAST project in 2021-2022. FAST (Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking) is an initiative that aims to mobilise the financial sector against all forms of modern slavery. As part of this project, SAFE is in charge of conducting a comprehensive review of the project in order to assess its progress and provide recommendations for the achievement of the results set out in the 2020-2023 Results Framework.