From July 1st to 5th, Fondazione SAFE successfully conducted its fourth HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) Be SAFE course of the year at its headquarters and the former Calvarina base. This intensive training session aimed to equip journalists and RAI operators with essential skills to navigate and report from high-risk environments.

HEAT courses by Fondazione SAFE are meticulously designed to prepare participants for deployment in hostile settings. Over the past few years, these courses have become vital for professionals working in volatile and dangerous regions, including conflict zones. The curriculum, developed in collaboration with elite units from the Italian Armed Forces, covers a wide range of survival skills, risk assessment, and safety protocols, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for the challenges they might face in the field.

This recent course saw the attendance of several seasoned journalists, including those who have reported from the war zones in Ukraine. The feedback received from these participants has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the high quality and relevance of the training. Participants appreciated the comprehensive approach of the course, highlighting how it significantly enhanced their awareness and preparedness for operating in dangerous environments.

The positive feedback from participants is a testament to Fondazione SAFE’s commitment to providing training that empowers professionals to work safely and effectively in hostile environments. Fondazione SAFE’s goal is to build the confidence and capabilities of participants, ensuring they can handle any situation with resilience and knowledge.

As Fondazione SAFE continues to lead in providing critical safety training, this successful course reaffirms its dedication to the security and preparedness of those who serve in challenging and dangerous conditions.