From June 24 to 28, 2024, Fondazione SAFE proudly hosted the June event of the EMERITUS project in Soave, Italy, which included the third consortium meeting.

The EMERITUS project aims to develop advanced technologies to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement and border guards in combating environmental crimes. Fondazione SAFE plays a crucial role in this innovative project, providing a unique environment at the former base Calvarina for simulating real-world scenarios and integrating emerging technologies such as drones, satellite imagery, novel sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis.

The event began with two intensive days of theoretical training, where participants delved into international environmental principles, EU and international legal frameworks on environmental crimes, and the connections between organized crime, corruption, and money laundering. The theoretical sessions were enriched with practical exercises and discussions on the environmental damage caused by waste crimes.

Following the theoretical training, participants engaged in hands-on sessions focused on the core technology of the EMERITUS project. The Politecnico di Torino led a session on geomatic tools for detecting illegal waste sites, while Logikers managed drone training. Participants learned how to integrate satellite data with drone missions to effectively monitor illegal waste sites.

Throughout the event, the Politecnico di Torino conducted tests on GNSS navigation and positioning systems, including GPS and GALILEO, to evaluate their resilience against interference. These tests are essential for ensuring reliable aerial and terrestrial localization, a crucial aspect of the project’s success.

On June 27, the third EMERITUS consortium meeting was held with 45 participants. This meeting provided a platform to assess the project’s progress, plan future activities, and identify challenges to ensure the project’s success.

Looking ahead, the EMERITUS project aims to further refine its platform, focusing on reducing latency, supporting cooperative missions, and integrating with external sensors. The next training session will be held during the Second Showcase Event in Athens in October.

The June 2024 event highlighted the collaborative efforts and technological innovations driving the project, underscoring EMERITUS’s commitment to protecting the environment through effective and innovative monitoring solutions.

Fondazione SAFE is dedicated to implementing innovative training and testing for new technologies, aiming to amplify the capabilities of European law enforcement agencies and border guards in detecting and prosecuting environmental crimes. SAFE’s contributions enable the simulation of real-world scenarios in a unique environment, integrating emerging technologies such as drones, satellite imagery, novel sensors, AI, machine learning, and big data analysis. This practical and advanced approach is essential for developing effective, cutting-edge solutions for environmental protection.