Fondazione SAFE is thrilled to share some remarkable news from the NATO HFM-MSG-354 Research Task Group, which SAFE chairs since February 2022. The RTG had the privilege of being hosted by the Comandancia Naval de Bilbao for one of its regular Plenary meetings, setting the stage for a significant milestone in our journey.

This recent event brought together experts from various security, defence and technology domains for a productive session of the Research Task Group. At the core of the RTG’s three-year mission lies the ambitious goal of studying, designing and deploying innovative software and hardware designed to produce effective XR CBRN defence mission operator training in real-life scenarios.

This achievement would not have been possible without the efforts of Virtualware, an esteemed Spanish VR company headquartered in Bilbao, that played a crucial role in organizing and guiding this meeting. The meeting gives the opportunity to Fondazione SAFE to engage with over 16 experts from nine NATO Allied and Partner nations; and to showcase SAFE’s innovative contributions and dynamic initiatives in the realm of CBRN.

We extend our deep gratitude to all involved partners for their invaluable insights and meaningful discussions!