SAFE was awarded MoSaiC, a new project funded by the European Defense Fund (EDF), starting in 2023.

MoSaiC is a 36-months research project focused on real-time monitoring of CBRN events paired with innovative sampling capabilities to enhance dynamic mapping of threats, vulnerabilities, and response capacities, while addressing CBRN forensics priorities. The initiative will provide additional features to existing CBRN DIM (detection, identification, monitoring) platforms by working on the integration of a set of sensing capabilities which include research on innovative and low-cost CB monitoring technologies installed on UAV and UGV systems. The project will leverage technological solutions already researched in the context of European projects, brought to a further level of innovation.

The project is endorsed by five EU Member States MoDs (Italy, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Estonia) thanks to the cooperation of their industrial players as well as public/private academic and research institutions. Over its 36 months of implementation, MoSaiC will provide tangible research outcomes with the complete design of an integrated, disruptive CBRN DIM technology able to provide real-time monitoring of CB threats and enhanced real-time C2 solutions for EU military forces while also addressing civilian actors’ needs.

MoSaiC entails research on innovative sampling technologies based primarily on the concept of “smart swabs”, thus enabling fast and non-destructive in situ analysis samples that can later be analyzed in a laboratory following standard forensics procedures. The proposed solution will be complemented by near real-time 3D mapping and processing of areas affected by CBRN contamination (indoor and outdoor).

In this context, military and civilian incident commanders on the field will exploit real-time visualization of threats, and real-time communication between Command and Control (C2) systems and drones, robots and sensors for CB monitoring and sampling missions.

Fondazione SAFE’s role is central in this project. SAFE is the Coordinator of project MoSaiC, and ensures the achievement of project objectives and the timely delivery of expected results throughout the project life cycle. SAFE will appoint a Project Director which acts as designated Point of Contact with the Granting Authority, namely the European Commission and DG DEFIS.

Furthermore, SAFE is also chairing the Project Management Committee, which comprises the representatives from all Consortium Partners and oversees the overall progress of the project, together with the quality and means that aims to guarantee proper transparency and communication among partners.
SAFE also manages the communication strategy of the project at the internal, external and consortium level and its financial and quality review. SAFE will regularly update the European Commission through periodic reports that aim to monitor the overall technical and financial status of the project.

Lastly, SAFE leads a technical task regarding the study of existing communication networks and their functioning in emergency contexts, and provides its training & testing facility (Calvarina base in Roncà, Italy) to conduct relevant activities related to the development of reliable and advanced mapping navigation modules for UAVs and UGVs.