On June 10th and 11th, during the third Plenary Meeting of the PERIVALLON project, the entire Consortium witnessed the first pilot demonstration organized by ARPA, in cooperation with SAFE and the Carabinieri (Italy). The primary objective of this initial iteration was to demonstrate PERIVALLON’s capabilities in processing and analyzing satellite images. Specifically, this phase aimed to identify potential illegal waste disposal sites from satellite images, processing them through the technological components of the first prototype of the PERIVALLON platform.

This is just the beginning! Further nine pilot projects will be implemented and coordinated by SAFE throughout the PERIVALLON project. The pilot demonstrations will serve as the main test beds for evaluating and fine-tuning the effectiveness of PERIVALLON’s technological solutions aimed at detecting and preventing environmental crime activities and assessing their environmental impact.

The PERIVALLON project aims to revolutionize the detection and investigation of environmental crimes by developing an advanced platform. This initiative seeks to integrate heterogeneous multimodal sensor data, including satellite imagery, UAV-mounted camera feeds, X-ray scans, online resources, and administrative documents. Leveraging AI advancements, the PERIVALLON platform and its environmental crime monitoring center will semantically interpret, correlate, summarize, and visualize multimodal evidence to aid decision-makers.

Fondazione SAFE plays a pivotal role in executing training, testing, and demonstration activities tailored for EU Law Enforcement Agencies and Border Guards. Utilizing four pilot use cases, SAFE’s training and testing facilities will provide an ideal environment for capacity-building activities and conducting pilot demonstrations in semi-controlled settings. Additionally, Fondazione SAFE is crucial in defining a testing protocol and carrying out the impact pathway assessment of PERIVALLON technologies.

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