SAFE has been created by a group of specialists who have dedicated the last fifteen years working in development and cooperation projects worldwide. The competence of our in-house staff is what makes SAFE different.

We ensure deployment of practitioners from EU Member States law enforcement agencies, universities public bodies as well as top-level project managers and sector specialists, offering a blend of competence which is unique in our sectors of reference (security sector reform, Defense, Peace and Stability, Freedom and Fundamental Rights, Monitoring and Evaluation).

SAFE staff is supported by a Panel of Senior Advisors, which leads SAFE action from a technical, ethical and strategic standpoint.

Meet our team of Associates!

SAFE team in action during the last Team Building in Ravenna! Planning, Evaluation and Development!

Andrea D’ANGELO – President

Manager and project Director for over 100 large EU funded TA projects focusing on SSR, innovation for law enforcement, civil-military cooperation, rule of law and human rights. M&E expert, implemented security-related covering over 1B€ of EU funding. His academic background includes a degree in international economics, a Master in Laws and a post-graduate in Criminology.<

Silvia D’ADDA – Senior Associate

Developed over 80 international projects in the EU, the Balkans, Eastern European countries, Northern Africa, Middle East and Central America. M&E in-house expert, Silvia holds a degree in international economics, a Master in International Cooperation and Master in Project Management at Boston University. She is fully fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and French. <

Federico BENOLLI – Senior Associate

Researcher and analyst focused on CBRNe, Security and intelligence. Involved in 3 EU CBRN CoE projects implemented respectively in Middle East, South East Asia, and Central Asia. Member of the coordination team for a 9M€ H2020 project involving 22 partners. Graduated in Criminal Law, plus two Master's Degrees respectively in "Forensic Science" and "Electronic Systems and Technologies for Security, Defence and Intelligence". Officer of the Selected Reserve - Italian Army.<

Emmanuel BOUQUOT – Senior Associate

Former French Gendarmerie CBRN National advisor, Emmanuel’s specific background includes a university Master degree in Science and Technology. Emmanuel works as Key Expert for the EU CoE P73 project “CBRN Protection of Critical Infrastructure in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon”, implement by SAFE for the Lebanese component. With over 30 years of experience in military and homeland security, he has extensive skills in the development and operational conduct of specialized CBRN training and is also a lecturer for several international organization and CBRN centres.<

Alessandro CASTAGNETTI – Data Analyst

Researcher and economic analyst. Trained economist with particular expertise in data analysis. He collaborates with both public and private institutions as a consultant. PhD and two master degrees in Economics.<

Simona FORTE – Associate

Engaged for over 6 years in the consulting and fundraising activities for the Non-Profit sector, Simona is in charge for SAFE Social Innovation projects at regional and national level. She holds a Master Degree in European Project Management and she has been working for the last years in projects supporting vulnerable groups and promoting enterpreneurship<

Alessandro D’AUTILLIO – Associate

Graduated in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs - Politics and International Security, at the University of Bologna (Forlì). He graduated also in the lifelong learning programme in Communication and Politics for Operators in Crisis’ Areas, completing a training with the Italian special forces and one in Shama (Lebanon). Through his working and studying experiences he lived in Israel, Jordan, Romania and The Netherlands.<

Federica GENNA – Associate

Project manager and researcher with a background in security and defense, good governance, and the rule of law. Prior to joining SAFE, Federica worked for the Council of Europe, NATO and, most recently, the Dutch consultancy Ecorys, where she oversaw the acquisition and implementation of large projects for EU and international clients. In addition to her thematic and project management expertise, Federica is also an experienced evaluator. Federica holds a BA in Applied Languages and International Relations and a master’s degree in International Security. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian and conversational in Russian. <

Erika CORSO – Communication Manager

Erika has an international background and experience in the Communication and Marketing field. She holds a Masters degree in Languages, Economic and Juridical Institutions of Eastern Asia with a focus on Business and completed a study semester in Beijing. Her professional experiences include working with a creative agency and as a freelancer; she then obtained a certificate in Digital Strategy. Erika has experience in copywriting, digital marketing and Social Media Management. Erika is fluent in English and Italian, is conversational in Chinese, and has a good understanding of German and Spanish.<

Rachel Douaihy – Associate

Rachel acquired her experience in project implementation through USAID and EU-funded projects in the fields of security-related research, public administration capacity building and civilian-security engagement in the Lebanese context. She is part of the SAFE team implementing the Lebanese component of the EU CoE P73 Project “CBRN Protection of Critical Infrastructures in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon”, as well as other projects in the Middle East and North Africa region. She holds a BS in Biology and MA in International Affairs and Diplomacy from Notre Dame University in Beirut. She is fluent in Arabic, English, French, and Italian on the way.<

Valentina Ambrosi – Financial Manager

Valentina holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Trento, where she focused on Financial Planning and submitted a thesis entitled “Wine making cooperation during the years of the economic and financial crisis: the case of Cantina di Soave”. She then worked within the administrative and logistics department of an Italian based company operating at the international level where she was primarily responsible for the financial monitoring and planning of international shipments, including towards the UK, The Netherlands, Canada and Japan.<

Stefano MAZZARO – Junior Project Manager

Stefano Mazzaro is a Junior Project Manager at the SAFE Foundation. His academic career includes a BA in International and Diplomatic Sciences and a MA in Strategic Sciences. He also attended specific courses dealing with the stabilization and reconstruction of areas affected by armed conflict and conflict analysis. In 2020, he obtained a University Master in International Humanitarian Law and Law of Armed Conflict at the Italian Center for Higher Defence Studies in Rome. From January 2021 to December 2021, he worked as external consultant at the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence of Vicenza.<

Maria ILLETTERATI – Project Assistant

Maria Illetterati is a Project Assistant at SAFE. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights from the University of Padua with a grade of 110 cum laude. During that course of study, she did an Erasmus at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, Croatia. Afterwards, she got a Master’s degree in governance of emergency in at the University of Verona. She did an internship at the Third Wing of the Military Air Force in Villafranca di Verona. She supports in the implementation of projects in the field of justice. <

Davide GALLO – Junior Financial Manager

Davide graduated in Economics from the University of Padua. During his studies, he participated in the Erasmus+ program at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, thanks to which he was able to further his studies in European Studies. His academic record shows excellent results in subjects such as finance theory, corporate finance, quantitative business methodologies and determinations, and international economics, while his study period abroad has allowed him to expand his horizons in European economics, global development issues, and international human rights law. Davide, a native Italian speaker, is C1 IELTS certified in English, and has a basic level of French and Spanish.<