SAFE Membership is open to individuals, public and private actors operating in our core areas of work:

  • security sector reform,
  • defence, peace, and stability,
  • freedom and fundamental rights,
  • monitoring and evaluation

Public and private actors can join SAFE to collaborate directly on specific activities or to grant external support to our ongoing initiatives. Associate members can join SAFE on a permanent basis, on an annual basis or for specific projects.


SAFE members have access to networking events, early information on policies and upcoming opportunities in view of promoting joint and coordinated actions.


If you are interested in membership, please contact us at by sharing your CV/organization profile and credentials.

Our Statute - Ethical Code and Balance

The first membership option is defined as “Permanent Membership”. This option is only available to founding members or public/private organizations and individuals which have been “Standard Members” for at least five years. SAFE Board must approve all Permanent Members and may exceptionally grant this status to public institutions or individuals even before they reach the five-years standard membership clause, in case the Board considers that they would bring unique value added to SAFE mission and activities with their permanent presence in the association. Permanent members have right to nominate two representatives at the Board (in addition to founding members)

The second membership option is defined as “Standard Membership”. This option is available to all interested public and private organizations, as well as individuals, who express their interest to become members, comply with membership requirements and have paid the respective annual membership fee (for the year 2020, set at 150€ for individuals and 500€ for public or private organizations – in special circumstances SAFE Board may waive members from payment of the fees or accept in-kind contributions, only if such are aligned to the provisions established by the Statute). The “Standard Membership” is annual (covering from 1st January to 31st December).

The third membership option is defined as “Member to special projects”. This is the most flexible membership option, which allows public and private organizations, as well as individuals, to become members only for a specific project or a specific area of work. The duration of the membership is related to the specific project concerned. The Members must be approved by SAFE Board.

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